Following a group of adventurers’ foray into the frozen wastes of the Fourteen Kingdoms, and the catastrophic magical war that has ignited since, the wizard Gildur has transported his overwhelmed resistance group back to the continent of Anduris Prime. While he returns to Akshar to fight against the returning Aeon empire, his adventurers are left to seek allies to return to the war with, or perhaps just to find their own fortunes in a land less inhospitable.

The campaign will take the place of an open-ended adventure, where the adventurers make their own choices and their own paths. Set in the reasonably civilised continent of Anduris Prime, there will be plenty of opportunities for dungeon-delving, monster hunting, intrigue and mystery, even potential empire building.

As it follows on from a previous campaign, it begins at level 6, though no upper level is currently anticipated at the moment; the game will run for as long as the players are comfortable playing.

The campaign is currently underway, running completely off track after the first few weeks, to my great delight :) Where will our intrepid, cunning and devious heroes take us next?

Anduris Prime

JayDGee Dace Spore