Anduris Prime

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In the first campaign, Echoes of the Aeons, the players were introduced to one region of the Arthurian Isles, a vast magical archipelago in the north of the world of Andur. The players were all visitors to the isles, originally hailing from either the sprawling continent of Anduris Prime, or the wilds of Anduris Secundus. In a bid to find adventure in the great magical city of Akshar, far to the north of the Arthurians, in a region of magically frozen wastes dotted with the massive magocracies known as the Fourteen Kingdoms, the players became entangled in the uprising of an ancient civilisation known, only to very few, as the Aeons. These beings were twisted brethren of the Mercane, a race of mainly peaceful planar travellers, whose downfall and disappearance into the mists of time is remembered by only the Mercane themselves. Naturally magical creatures, the lands of the fourteen kingdoms had become empowered by their legacies, the great works left behind that had been lost to the ice and snow. Their own remains infused the land with its powerful, wild magics to the point where otherwise rare magical creatures had become commonplace, and only peoples who mastered the shapings of wild magic could survive the harsh north. Then, suddenly, something changed. Something about the lands’ magical fields was altered dramatically, and the long-dead Aeons began to rise once more as an evil undead threat. The darkest and wildest of the Fourteen Kingdoms’ inhabitants rallied to them in great droves, the Aeons’ purpose immediately clear; to retake their homelands from the creatures that had claimed them and eradicate anything that stood in their way. Their armies, massively swollen overnight by some freak of the magic inherent to the land itself, marched on the peoples of the Fourteen Kingdoms, and it was not long until some of the great city-state magocracies fell prey, unprepared for so great a threat to their way of life. Amidst this tragedy, the players were recruited by a wizard named Gildur, first to try and prevent the uprising, then when it became clear that the time to do so had already passed, to help forestall the falling of the Fourteen Kingdoms. Present at the siege and razing of the first city to fall, the group found themselves on the run with the survivors of the attack, a great throng of refugees. Many of these people, vassals of the mages who claimed to protect them with no skill in the art themselves, died on the journey to find shelter, falling to the deadly conditions, to wild monsters and frost worms, or to evil creatures in the service of the Aeons. Gildur knew he was now fighting a losing battle, and that the force to stop the encroaching Aeon armies did not exist within the Fourteen Kingdoms. Gating the small group of adventurers he had formed together to a far off land, he returned with the surviving refugees to Akshar, to hold off the greatest of the kingdoms’ fates for as long as he could. He made one last request of the group; to find what allies they could to return to the Kingdoms and free them from the grasp of the Aeons, or, failing that, never to return to Akshar and the frozen north, and to let the world know of the threat that grew there now. Now the adventurers find themselves on what may be familiar ground, the continent of Anduris Prime. They, along with the other few individuals that Gildur recruited for his purpose, have a chance to start anew, though the shadow of what they left behind hangs over them like a storm cloud over the morning sky…


Thanks for the quick catch up did sum it up nicely. Needs more barrels and baby kidnappings for any of the others to remember it happened though.

Catch-up background

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