Anduris Prime

Day Four, The Road to Carradin

The journey to Carradin begins, and the road proves treacherous...

Setting out in the early morning, the skies overhead clouded and dark, the group continued their march to Carradin, following the road that led straight as an arrow to the coast.

At just after midday, with the weather becoming windy and the skies darker still, the group came across a traveller, a man wearing brown, simple robes riding in the opposite direction. Though wary of the group, and Seebo in particular, he bade them a safe journey and warned that a group of bandits had been following him, cautioning them against potential ambush, before setting off again to the east.

Soon enough, the group were confronted by a collection of bandits, masquerading as a merchant caravan, complete with guards and “cargo”. Led by a cleric of some evil deity, the bandits seemed well organised and practised, but fell easily to the illusiary magics of Seebo and the martial might of the surviving warriors, bolstered as they were by the prowess of the dwarf, Thorid, who proved to be a stolid and immovable ally. Salvaging the remains of the bandits’ equipment, and claiming the horse-and-cart combo for their own, the group continued on, the bulk of the journey ahead of them still…



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