Seebo Crazy-Eye Mad-Head Possessed-Soul Stumbleduck, Esq.

Mad as a box of frogs. In the looney bin. On acid. On fire.


Name: Seebo Crazy-Eye Mad-Head Possessed-Soul Stumbleduck, Esq. Class: Illusionist/Wizard Race: Gnome Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Deity: Beshaba

STR 8 DEX 15 CON 15 INT 17 (19~ +2 item) WIS 11 CHA 14

HP 45 AC 15 FORT: 4 REFLEX: 4 WILL: 7

SKILLS: (total – abi / rank / misc)

Appraise 8 – 3/5/0 Bluff 7 – 2/5/0 Concentration 11 – 2/9/0 Escape Artist 2 – 0/2/0 Hide 10 – 2/4/4 Know (Arcana) 9 – 4/5/0 Listen 8 – 2/2/4 Move Silently 5 – 2/3/0 Search 8 – 4/4/0 Sense Motive 7 – 2/5/0 Spellcraft 15 – 4/9/2 Spot 7 – 2/3/2 Alchemy 8 – 4/2/2



Detect Poison 0 Dancing Lights 1 Daze 1 Flare 1 Light 1 Ghost Sound 1 Disrupt Undead 1 Prestidigitation 1 Read Magic 1


Summon Monster 0 Magic Missile 0 Identify 1 Sleep 1 Change Self 2 Color Spray 2 Silent Image 1 Spider Climb 1


Locate Object 1 Hypnotic Pattern 1 Invisibility 1 Minor Image 1 Alter Self 1


Gaseous Form 1 Fireball 1 Major Image 1 Haste 0


I may add some more later.

Seebo Crazy-Eye Mad-Head Possessed-Soul Stumbleduck, Esq.

For most of his life, Seebo has been misunderstood by his peers, his people and just about anyone who encounters his magnificent, if vertically disinclined, form. None know from whence he came nor who sired him, though the auspicious night itself has been told in countless tales, each more fantastic than the last. Some say he was born from the union of a powerful and ancient dragon who took up the most noble and gnomiest of forms and that of the most beautiful Gnomish Queen. Others have it that Seebo has always existed, a universal constant and progenitor of species whom even the mightiest and most terrible Gods respect (and secretly admire). These tales are sadly not well known, however, as only Seebo tells them. .

The tales of his adventuring and powerful wizardry are the stuff of fire-side tales within literally feet of the proud Gnome himself. Once, it was claimed that Seebo was a messiah for the peoples of the Fourteen Kingdoms and many flocked from miles around to see this so-called savior for themselves. And they were not disappointed. More news of the True Messiah spread, and this was, unfortunately for Seebo, his undoing. Having run out of the Mind Control serum he found on the corpse of a travelling Wizard (who most certainly died in only the most natural and legal of ways, rest his vengeful soul) Seebo was suddenly unable to pass on his holy message of strict obediance and worship. Perverted by their lack of Divine Juice (as it was known) the peasants took evil into their hearts and chased his Blessed Gnomeyness from their bosom(s).

Realising that magic was the source of true power, Seebo went in search of a Master Wizard willing to teach him the secrets of the arcane. It did not take long for Seebo to find an apprenticeship with Fesrinian the Cursed (or Fesrinian the Great as he was known at that time). After years of ardent study and fruitful tutelage, Seebo felt he was ready to make his own gnomey way with his magical powers. Although this coincided with the fall of his Master whose beautiful daughter may or may not have been sold into slavery thus causing the old man to spend every last copper he had searching for her, for gambling debts Seebo may or may not have accrued, is purely accidental.

On the road, moving in a hurry in order to escape the vile and corrupt militia who knew that Seebo’s purse was laden with gold (which was a gift from Fesrinian) for his long journey, Seebo encountered his most honourable companion to be, Morbo the Half Orc, King of Nowhere. Seebo took pity upon the psychopathic nomad and, in return for the mindless slaughter of the cruel and wicked militia-men, would take Morbo as his ward. The militia-men slain (and relieved of that which corrupted their flesh so that their souls might be cleansed – gold) Seebo journeyed with Morbo, eventually forming the adventuring party he remains a part of to this day.

Seebo Crazy-Eye Mad-Head Possessed-Soul Stumbleduck, Esq.

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