Martise and the founding of Agath

Martise fled Kearlan having failed to usurp the throne from his brother. In doing so rejected everything the nation stood for namely the god Hextor. Fearing his life he headed as far south of Alia as he could to the Republic of Malkuth.

There he found a happy contented people completely untroubled by the war that dominated the north. He saw opportunity.

He began a slow political rise to power through manipulation intimidation and when needed, murder. Soon not only was he a powerful man in Malkuth politics, but he had attracted the attention of Alia’s hidden church of Nerull.

Upon realising that Nerull’s faith would reward him for his acts of murder. Martise began using the church to carry out long thought schemes to remove some political opponents some directly some indirectly. Gaining his Gods favour and political power at the same time Martise advanced to control the church of Nerull and the Republic of Malkuth through intimidation and fear but he wanted more.

As the years past and Martise got older he became paranoid that he would lose control of the Republic or his precious hidden church and the odd assassination of a potential opponent no longer satisfied him no matter how well thought the plan. No Martise was planning bigger much bigger.

Martise for the next few years publicly seemed to take a step back from politics to the relief of most senators. In truth he was manipulating events more than he had ever in the past but was using other church members who he had gotten appointed throughout the years.
Meanwhile outside the world of politics Martise spent all his time planning Mulkuth’s downfall. It took years to plan and few beside Martise ever believed the day would come
Then the day finally came. After years of planning; his entire fortune and political muscle spent on his mad plan, assured that if his plan failed the entire church of Nerull would be found and killed.

The day had come and Martise did not fail. Every man, woman, child and even the land of Malkuth was put to the reapers blade. Only Martise and the devout of his church were spared. In reward for mass culling of life, Nerull ‘The hater of all life’ empowered Martise and removed the curse of life from him making him a Lich.

This day is forever known as the Great Culling and is a holy day in the church of Nerull.

Martise named the nation Agath after the great culling. In tribute to Nerulls home realm Agathys.

Martise rules to this day; Agath is a cruel cold unforgiving wasteland where life is not welcome. He also heads the church of Nerull with the followers who assisted during the great culling still serving him to this day in an empowered form of undeath. All across the country are masses of undead, mostly victims of the culling who are now mindless slaves of Martise.

It was Martise who supplied King Toran of Kearlan the means to wipe out the Cathia royal line. It is unknown what price King Toran had to pay for this. No-one other than Martise and Toran’s son Keartor know of the arrangement.

In undeath Martise has gained a patience he lacked in life he plans to spread the effects of the great culling across all of Alia but unlike his neighbouring nations he has all the time in the world to plan.


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