The large shield shaped island of Alia is named after the Goddess Stern Alia the Shield Mother. It is located on the east coast of Anduris Prime.

The large island is home to 12 nations.

Cathia is Monarch led theocracy (Worshiping Heironeous) constantly at war with Kearlan

Kearlan is Monarch led theocracy (Worshiping Hextor) constantly at war with Cathia

Agath is a theocracy (Worshiping Nerull) with forces at the border of Scutum and Aspis.

The Aboleth Wastes are all that remain of the nation of Keter. The final legacy of the Keter people is that there home is now a ruinous swampland now named after the beast they turned to in there desperation. While most people would never choose to live there and few could a small group of bandits have begun to call it home knowing they will not be followed there.

Scutum and Aspis are owed a debt by all the nations north of them as they act as the border to Agath and prevent Martise’s undead marching throughout Alia. The shared task has led to a shared national identity. While Scutum may be a Theocracy (worshiping Pelor) and Aspis a magocracy both nations devote most of their resources to a unified defence. Near the Agath border of in Scutum is a temple of St Cuthbert dedicated to destroying Martise’s armies it was founded by the few people of Malkuth who were in Scutum during the Great Culling.

Tasdan is a merchant state which lies in the centre of Alia. It has so far avoided war by maintaining alliances with just about all of it neighbours. With no standing army it relies heavily on mercenaries for security.

Yetholm is a Military Dictatorship, 10 years ago it was a Aristocracy and a General who had miraculously risen through the ranks saw what the rich where doing to his country and took over the nation with total support of his army and the over taxed people. Recently the general realising he couldn’t keep his people fed without a war invaded Hod after a short brutal war Hod’s king surrendered fearing he would be put to the sword like all the royals of Yetholm.

Hod is a puppet state ruled by Yetholm. The second in command of Yetholm’s armies holds the throne since the king surrendered. All royalty are now just normal citizens their lives being spared was the kings only term of surrender. Many feel it is just a matter of time before the people of Hod kill the King for his selfish actions.

Pavise is a monarchy which maintains uneasy alliances with other nations mostly through Tasdan its greatest ally used to be Cathia who it shares a border with but since the Pavise forces never helped Queen Seanna’s rebellion against occupation the alliance has never been spoken of.

Laertius is a Theocracy (worshiping Obad-Hai) it is a nation of many tribes and forests united behind the faith of Obad-Hai. The People of Laertius have always distrusted those of Avesta for living so detached from the natural world.

Avesta is a Magocracy devoted to the deity Baccob. The pursuit and advancement of magic is Avesta’s main concern. The people of Avesta view the tribes of Laertius as simpletons who don’t understand the power of magic.


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