History of Cathia and Kearlan

The nations of Cathia and Kearlan have a long brutal history with each other and truly one nations history cannot be told without the others.

On the large island of Alia there are several small nations and 2 large nations the 2 larger nations have been at war with each other for almost their History.

The first of the Nations was founded by Cathal a high priest of Heironeous who united several small northern territories under his flag and his God. The nation was named Cathia after its founder and for a while there seemed to be peace.

King Cathal had 2 sons. Farrell was the eldest and his heir, exactly like his father a strong leader and devout believer in Heironeous. His second son Keary however was overlooked almost as soon as he was born, a sickly child who despised his brother for having everything he craved. It was this hatred for his brother that led to Keary forsaking everything his father stood for and turned to the faith of Hextor the evil younger brother of Heironeous.

Hextor heard Keary’s prayers and could not ignore the similarities between the two sets of brothers and gave Keary what he prayed for. Keary had become every bit as strong as his brother he was also given command of the small growing church of Hextor that had been created from those who realised they would be persecuted under Cathia’s rule. In the following year he created a nation to the west of his father’s named Kearlan and once his army was raised invaded Cathia.

Seeing what had become of his son was too much for the Old King whose heart failed him upon hearing that his son’s armies had begun to march upon him.
So King Farrell was crowned by the high priests on the same day he led his armies in a war between 2 brothers. In the early years of the war the Kearlan army was very successful but couldn’t keep up the momentum due to the reliance on slaves, Cathia’s armies retook that land which they had lost King Farrell hesitated to invade fearing that his weakened army would never return. Ultimately the war itself had no real winner but served to create the borders between the 2 nations that stand today. For the remainder of their reign both Kings built their armies and the defences of the capitol, apart from a few skirmishes and small battles throughout the years no real blood was shed while the brothers lived.

When Farrell died his son Tristram was crowned king, his uncle invaded the same week to test his resolve. Tristram spent the first 5 years of his rule slowly losing a war until he put his brother Talon in command of the army.

Talon was a brutal general who saw all his enemies as enemies of the faith and as such refused them the right to surrender and hunted down any fleeing enemy. He ran his army as an Inquisitor General and evened the scales between the armies.

It wasn’t until Keary’s death however that Talon was able to take his inquisition into Kearlan as he had always planned. When Keary died there was a fight for the throne. Conall the eldest ultimately took the throne, but the infighting with his brother Martise caused chaos in the capitol and the organisation of the army. Martise left the nation fearing his life and fled as far south as possible.

Talon took the chaos in his opponent’s armies as a gift from Heironeous and was ruthless in his invasion until when sacking one town he noticed that some of his men were rounding up the children to be killed, he was furious more so when he learned that the men felt they were following the generals example. Talon looked at his blood stained hands and realised he wasn’t doing his God’s work but was blinded by bloodlust. The weary General negotiated an end to the war which King Conall had no choice but to accept.

Talon led his army home he never married and spent the rest of his days in a temple contemplating his sins or leading the army at his brother’s request. From this point he is a level headed strategist in battle doing whatever he can to minimise casualties. After every battle Talon led after the invasion of Kearlan he is referred to as “The Weeping Prince” or “The Crying General” for the tears he shed upon hearing of his soldiers deaths. Despite his recorded distaste for warfare he kept commanding the army till his death.

When King Tristram died it was less than a year after his eldest son Tristram had fallen of his horse and died so his second son Vortigern became king. King Vortigern’s early years were blessed as his uncle Talon defended the nation from their enemies.

King Vortigern’s reign is seen as being glorious and peaceful for the nation and was referred by many of his people as the great King, seeing him as a symbol of hope.

Hope wasn’t meant to last shortly after King Toran became King of Kearlan a plot was hatched and the entire royal line of Cathia was seemingly murdered in one night. The army of Toran swept across the nation laying waste to any sign of loyalty to Cathia or Worship of Heironeous. Toran declared himself next in line to the throne and the rightful king.

The occupation was a brutal time for the people of Cathia, especially those who continued to worship Heironeous in secret. Small rebel bands formed across the country but were mostly in vein; they were all unorganised and had nothing to unite them until a Paladin named Brogan led a rebellion in the least likely of places, Kearlan’s capital Conlan.

There he led mostly disgruntled slaves out of the capital till he was confronted by King Toran’s eldest son Borax and his personal guard who had been sent to crush the rebellion. Brogan killed Borax and word spread quickly while Brogan led the remnants of the slave rebels to occupied Cathia.

In Cathia a second legend was spreading, there were rumours of a young woman healing wounded rebels who looked remarkably like King Vortigan’s murdered Queen Selene. The rumours began to spread that perhaps the youngest daughter Seanna had been spared the massacre as she was a child at the time.

It is when the rumours attracted the attention of the Kearlan army and they began searching for any young women amongst the rebels that the Paladin Brogan received a vision from Heironeous to find her and together liberate the land.

There are various different versions of Brogan’s quest each told more heroically than the last.

Historically what is known to be accurate is that Brogan did find Seanna before the army due to Heironeous’ guidance. Shortly after they first met he also told her that he used to be called Tor and that he is Toran’s 3rd son but rejected everything his father and his god believed in just as his ancestor Keary did in joining Hextor he did in joining Heironeous.

Together they united all the various rebels, Seanna as a High Priest and Brogan as a Paladin were both powerful champions of Heironeous but they and their rebel army could do little lasting damage and had little hope of ever retaking the capitol.

King Toran largely ignored the rebel force and had already invaded the small coastal nation of Keter to the south before word of Seanna ever reached him.
His victory was swift but not lasting as the people of Keter knew of an Aboleth long since trapped on land and in a state of long dreaming fearing their fate was the same as Cathia they awoke the Aboleth.

The Aboleth’s wrath was furious wishing all land dwellers to suffer as it had it made short work of turning the last of the Keter people into slaves as it did it knew why it was awoken and in its maddened state was happy to wage war upon the land dwellers.
As Toran focussed all of his attention on killing the Aboleth and its Skum army more military presence was taken from occupied Cathia.

Seanna and Brogan saw this as their chance to take the capital. The rebels overrun the remaining troops who were mostly old soldiers and took the capital. The news spread across the land and within a year most of the nation had been retaken as almost every citizen rebelled.

Toran’s son Keartor led the army which successfully killed the Aboleth 10 years after it first rose after he returned to the capitol he killed his father claiming it was Hextors will that such a fool be removed from power.

Shortly after taking the Capital, Seanna married Brogan she rules as queen with him as Prince and general of the armies.

Since Keartor won his battle at what is now known as the Aboleth marshes and then became king he has waged small wars upon Cathia constantly.

Seanna is now an old queen she has ruled for 45 years her husband Brogan lies dying and will unlikely survive the year.

Under Seanna and Brogan there has been peace at a price, there are far more inquisitors under them than any other ruling family of Cathia. Refusing to let the mistakes of the past happen again they have free reign to find any agent of Kearlan or member of Hextor’s faith. Taxation has also been fairly high to help rebuild the nation.

King Keartor of Kearlan is also close to the end of his days and has made sure his eldest son Hector is ready for the throne when he dies.


*very much work in progress editing needs done.
*Seanna and Brogan have 9 children 6 boys 3 girls The Eldest Sloane currently heads the inquisitors.
*Cathia’s capital finally has a half decent name. Meersalm, the item which made Heironeous immortal.
*this entire thing will probably make more sense with a quick list of kings of the 2 nations

History of Cathia and Kearlan

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