Hannu Paran


Str 18, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 9,


Fort 8, Ref 3 Will 2

HP 68 AC 22

Skills climb 10 =str + 6 Craft cook 3 =Int + 1 Intimidate 4= cha + -1 Jumb 10= str + 6 Listen 2= wis + 1 Profession Militry comander 5= wis + 5 ride 6 = dex + 5 search 2 = int spot 2 wis +2 swim 10 =str+6

feats Weapon Focus and spec Battlehammer,Combat Expertise,Improved trip, Short Haft Improved toughness, Power Attack, Cleave

Main kit Masterwork Battlehammer Platemail +2 Ring of Protection +1


Raised in the small port town of Culmar in the Kingdom of Swadia. The third son on an innkeeper he nad his two older brothers helped in the kitchen while his mother and sister served food and drink. At the age of sisteen he was taken into the Army for national service and found over his two year that he had a talent for soldiering so enlisted. Were he was assined bodyguard and escort duty to a Cleric of Pelor and mage team. They made sweeps of the nearby mountains that are crawling with undead. while out on these sweeps the Narra empire attacked from the North with a Overwelming assualt on swadia capturing the capitil and forcing surrender in less than a week . Hannu then left to get work as a caravan guard and mercenary . After a few years of this he was hired to fight the Aeons were he meet the party

Hannu Paran

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